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Marshfield Band is led by experienced conductor and euphonium player Steve Ruddell, aka Barney, who became our conductor back in 2021.  Barney first joined the band at the age of 8, some time ago (he won't admit just how long!) and has remained a dedicated member ever since.  Barney was presented a certificate and badge to mark his place on the Gloucestershire Brass Band Association's Roll of Honour in 2022, in recognition of 50 years' service to the brass banding movement, in 2022.

Barney's not alone in this honour; flugel player extraordinaire Bev Williams also received his certificate and badge last year. Yet it's an equally friendly band for newcomers; we've also welcomed several talented new members into our existing ranks over the past couple of years.

If you're reading this and considering your next banding move, why not come and give us a try?


We are a friendly band who always welcome new players to our existing ranks. We'd love to hear from any bass, euphonium and cornet players who are looking for a space in a welcoming, enthusiastic local band, whether you're experienced, a keen improver, or returning after a break from playing.

In particular, after the retirement of our much-loved percussionist Barbara last year, we're very keen to hear of any percussion / kit players, whether you're already accomplished, or learning and of a reasonably independent standard.

If you fancy coming along, we rehearse every Wednesday evening between 8:00 pm and 9:30 pm, at Withymead football pavilion in Marshfield.

If you are interested, just email our secretary Sarah on, call the Musical Director Barney on 07735 901415, or simply show up on a Wednesday evening.

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Well we have a cabin now for storing our music thanks to all who helped putting up and getting it ready inside.  We started in May having a sort out of the music and we have managed to get some semblance of order.  We have some 1100 pieces of music in files.  We still need another filing cabinet as we are overflowing now.  Once we are sorted we need to get together and go through each piece of music and check that we have all the parts so if any body wants to come and play we will not be searching a for a part for them.

The band is getting stronger, 5 new players have joined we hope they continue with us.  They are Geriant Lewellyn Evans and Tim Prees on back row cornets and the front row is now being helped by Jon Griffin along with the legendary Jimmy Bell on Soprano.  Someone who heard us at a concert has expressed interest in coming and joining us we look forward to that.

Barney, our Vice Chair and Principle Euphonium, celebrated his birthday this week.  We wish him many happy returns.

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