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The band are working up our 2019 programme with our new Musical director Pete Boyles. With a varied concert programme and fresh new music look out for us in 2019.   


We are a friendly band who are always looking for new players and are currently looking for all new players, including cornet and Baritone players who would like to join us, although we promise to make all new players welcome. If you are interested please get in touch by using our contact form or contacting us using the information on the find us page.

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February 2012

With new faces in the band we are looking forward to attending this years regional competition in Torquay on the 10th of March. This year the test piece is 'English folk song suite' and being such a well known piece has attracted many bands to this years competition. This year we also have a new conductor who will also be taking us to the regional competition. Steve Rocky has made a great impact in the band since starting with us late last year.  

 Sadly Louise Wall (Euphonium) has decided to leave the band to play at championship level, we would like to wish her all the best with her new band. 


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