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Ok, I like to create colourful and exciting looking web pages that don't always follow the 'out of the box' look. Websites do not have to be boring! however they do need to look well crafted, neat and tidy. At the same time, over use of graphics and other technologies such as flash may produce a stunning graphical showcase, but are not really useful when you require a quick loading and well structured user experience.

What I can do..

- Website design, construction & implementation.

-All graphics, logo designs, photographs etc.

-Flash implementation

-Content Managemnet



All Websites use full CSS/XHTML mark-up to create well structured, compact and compliant websites.

Using CSS mark-up allows websites to be made 'portable' and optimised to work on different media types such as mobile phones, pda's or for printing.

Cross browser compatibility. Enables websites to look good in different browsers such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Opera.

The web layouts are structured so that the web document 'flows' in such a way that it makes it more suitable for accessibility requirements and SEO (search engine optimisation).

Simplicity in design and navigation allows for a more enjoyable user experience. Therefore all websites are well thought out for user requirements.

Websites built to meet the web accessibility initiative WAI standards. The aim to produce all sites with AA compliance.



I have been learning Umbraco CMS recently as well as keeping up to date with the latest HTML5 developments.


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